Realising our potential


“When Johannes is convinced of something, there is no stopping him.”

That’s what my closest friends say about me.

I value freedom and creativity, I am curious and I love to connect with people. That is probably the reason why I always ended up in roles that require great people skills. Another strong trait in my personality is learning: Personal development, learning new movements in sports, researching and investigating life philosophies, spiritual ideas or scientific findings that are relevant to our human existence. If you want to know more about my professional experience and competencies please check out my LinkedIn profile.


Why I started VIZZ 

Owning a business I have all the responsibility and freedom to make my own decisions. I get to meet interesting people and make a positive contribution by helping business owners to step into the light and become visible. And while there is a strong marketing component in what I do, my approach is a wholistic one:

Business owners are human beings, and as such they dream, dare, hope and also fear. And their experiences and personality shape what they do and how they communicate in the market. They send out conscious and unconscious messages that resonate with their target group, cause emotional reactions or remain invisible and unheard. 

I am deeply fascinated by these correlations. 

Entering into a dialogue with clients, listening to what they truly care about. Understanding what they have to offer and how to communicate that in our digital age. Connecting the dots between why, what for, how, and then defining for whom, what, when, where.  

Just as I am realizing my own potential, it is my greatest joy to help others achieve all they can be.  

That is true for my clients as it is for my network of partners that support this mission: consultants, web developers, social media experts and graphic designers. And that is also what gets me excited and out of bed in the morning.  

One more thing: VIZZ operates fully remote. That does not mean that we don’t fancy personal encounters and a great cup of coffee. It only means that we do not limit ourselves to one physical place. 


Let’s talk  

If you read this text until here, I would like to get to know you and your why. Let’s have a conversation, all you need to do is click on the button below. I am looking forward to hearing your story!


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