What we offer

digital Consulting

 We analyze your current digital and Social Media channels and assess their contribution to your organizational goals. In a Co-Creation process we define a digital strategy that helps you, step by step, to reach your full digital potential. 

Web & APP Development

We make sure that your online presence not only reflects who you are and what you offer, but also helps you reach your goals. Excellent design, combined with user-friendly features, leads to a compelling digital experience. 

Social Media Marketing

We develop effective Social Media Strategies and take responsibility for the implementation. Improving your profiles for maximum performance, choosing the channels that fit and creating engaging content that helps you reach your strategic goals. 

Client voices

We love to help business owners and purpose-driven organisations realise their potential. And when clients are enjoying our collaboration and are excited about the results, we are the happiest vizzards on the planet. 

Dr. Helene Lunzer
Online Marketing Strategist

“Johannes was the perfect sparring partner and coach for me. He helped me to sharpen my new online business model, especially in terms of buyer personas and positioning. The real special thing about Johannes is not only his business expertise. He is excellent in creating an atmosphere of openness, creativity and positive vibes, that made it so easy for me to find the right answers for my future business within no time.”

David Hauser
Guitarist, Composer,
Music Coach

“Before I started the online coaching with Johannes I used to feel quite overwhelmed with all the digital aspects of communication. I was amazed how quickly Johannes understood my problem. After only a couple of online sessions he helped me to find important underlying issues. Now he practically helps me to optimize my communication for my business as musician. There still is a long road in front of me, since I have to put a lot of things into practice – this is MY job, he is doing HIS brilliantly.”

Miglena Hofer
Co-Founder and CEO,
The Collaboratory

“We have consulted marketing experts before, but what we got was rather generic advice. With VIZZ, however, we felt seen. Their analysis was on point, quickly delivered but thorough. And so were their recommendations. Johannes and Milica managed to see our brand for what we want it to be and draw us a clear path on how to get there, by becoming more visible online. Furthermore, working with them was easy and uncomplicated. I can only recommend their services and expertise!”

Oksana Yavorska
Videographer and Video Editor at Yavorska

“It was such a pleasure to work with Johannes. He helped me to set up my business social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn; he wrote a selling description which was informative yet personal and improved the text on my website. Now I feel more confident in my videography services thanks to Johannes!”

Sam Moore
CEO Innovista Ireland,

“Johannes brilliantly managed the creation of a new website for us. His approach inspired and energised both our team and board, enabling us to get clear on what we needed, who we are and how we communicate what we offer. We now have a website with the functionality we will need going forward and that communicates clearly to those we serve.

Mary Oakes
Director of Supporter Relations, Innovista International

“VIZZ quickly understood our problem and gave us confident, well-thought through solutions. I enjoyed the fact that they are so goal oriented – VIZZ wanted to achieve our goals – and they did!  What is more, I really enjoy my calls with VIZZ. They are prompt, timely, responsive, they really do go ‘above and beyond’ and our first campaign results show that they live up to their name – they have ‘made us vizzible’.”